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Thursday, June 18, 2009


The Infectious Disease (ID) team came to see me this morning. (I missed Dr. K because she rounded before I got to the hospital this morning -Whoops:) Anyway, ID said that the blood culture they took from the 16th (Tuesday) was growing bacteria again. It was Monday's culture that we were excited about yesterday. This means that we haven't killed this bug yet and that the "temporary style" line is probably infected as well. YUCK 1,000 TIMES OVER.

Now, they are recommending the removal of the "temporary style" central line. OK - but they cannot recommend placing the picc line yet as they fear it will be a target for the bacteria in her blood stream to attach to as soon as it is placed. YUCK 1 HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES OVER!!!

And, we are left to rely on the tiny peripheral IV access (that we had trouble keeping in the past) to kill this bacterial bug with. We need three days worth of blood cultures with no bacterial growth before they will recommend placing a picc line to finish out the two more weeks of IV antibiotics she will need once we get the three initial days of no bacterial growth. Can I get a YUCK 1 MILLION TIMES OVER???

Here is the action needed by everyone who reads this post. Yes, that's YOU! Pray for the livelihood of this IV placed in the right forearm of my little daughter. It took three pokes to get this IV placed. The first two sites blew right away. This IV is positional and fragile to start with. If it could last 24 hours it would probably be a miracle. I need it to last 4 days. It is being used to administer antibiotics 7 times a day. 7 X 4 = 28 sessions of antibiotics.

Matthew 19:26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.


Pamela Layson said...

With God, ALL things ARE possible - even a positional, fragile IV. It's a miracle we will ask for. Our God is a GREAT God. We will believe with you.

JDGregory said...

I'm praying with you about this new IV! Love, Andrea Gregory