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Saturday, June 27, 2009

We're Home Again!

Here are our "smiling in the car" pictures from our trip home yesterday. The car ride was unsettling to Megan's system. But, we finally made it back home to rest in our own beds.

Yes, they discharged Megan on Friday, not Saturday. We got home at about 7:30pm. We are still not finished "moving back in" yet. Between Megan's busy schedule, getting some rest, meeting a new nursing provider, and filling perscriptions we have been trying to put some medical supplies and our luggage away.

It was some crazy billboard that got the smiles that were produced for these pictures. Whatever works is just fine with me - as long as I have my camera ready.

Here are all my kids laying on the couch watching a movie together.

It's such a nice feeling! Now, if they could just do that more often!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture of the movie. Did you have to sneak up on them to get all 3 to stay still?

Lori said...

Sadly, no. They were just all that tired. (We were watching the 11:00pm movie.)

Anonymous said...

The pictures of Megan are great. She has grown so much since I was with her. I am glad you are back home. She's in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Dee W.

Cindy McNeal said...

So glad you are home and so glad she is smiling! Good luck on staying there for a very, very long time. I will continue to pray for your beautiful girl, and your family!

Kristine said...

It looks like everyone(including the dog:) is happy to relax in their own home. :)

Kristine said...

Praying that you'll have a restful day today and an extra dose of energy.:)