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Monday, June 22, 2009

Planning to "Make Like a Tree and ..."

We spoke with all of Megan's doctors today. And, this is what they got their heads together and "thought up." We got our three clean blood cultures over the weekend - even though it was a poking fest. Today, we got the go ahead to have the picc line (IV) placed to finish the 14 days of anitbiotics, which started on June 17th (the day of the first clean culture). That means, the 14th day is July 1st. Megan will be on Vancomycin 4 times a day and Gentomycin once a day via the picc line (IV).

The Infectious Disease doctor wants to schedule her picc line removed on July 1st and also have a repeat echocardiogram completed. If everything looks good on the echocardiogram, Megan will be finished with the antibiotics and just need to have a repeat blood culture two weeks later to make sure this bacteria is still gone. If it is, then we are done. If not, we will discuss further antibiotic intervention then.

Because the picc line is a type of IV that we can use at home, the doctors are making preparations for having us complete everything there and coordinating the orders with Megan's pediatrician in Mishawaka. If all goes well putting these plans into place, it looks like we will be home in the next couple of days.

Megan and I, particularly, are looking forward to being able to sleep in our own beds once again. Keep us in your prayers that everything will be able to completed as the doctors are planning. Otherwise, we would not be able to come home until after July 1st. (However, if Dr. K's associate works as fast as she does, I predict very soon).

Here is what Megan has to say about everything today:

And, the other day - but I don't think I shared this picture yet.

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