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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Free Printables

I am finishing up on some forms for special needs families to use for various medical issues needed. The links to these free printable forms will be available shortly. They include:

  1. Medication Lists - both detailed and compact

  2. Daily routines

  3. Packing lists for day outings, school, vacations

  4. Observations/issues to be discussed at the next doctor's appointment - collecting raw data

I am currently working on getting the .pdf hosting that I want to use ironed out since I can't upload a .pdf file to blogger.

Are there any other types of forms that you would use or find useful that you would like to see?


Ivonete Steffes said...

By accident, if I can call this accident I found your blog. Tears are still running on my face, but I am also happy that I read your story. I pray that God keep you and your family in peace and help you each day to find the streght that you need. The music that you posted for Baby Miranda, I posted on my FB page. It was a inspiration for me today and I am sure will touch someone's else life.

Chellefenoglio said...

I too by accident found your blog, or was it?  I believe God puts us where we need to be although we feel it was by "accident"!  I have a 16 year old daughter with special needs and was searching about g-j tubes.  Your story has touched my soul and I pray for your strength because I know that losing a child must be the worst pain imagineable!  Thank you for posting your story!