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Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Recap

  • We all slept in. It was great to sleep.
  • Family visits - thanks for bringing Diet Coke and snacks!
  • Nurses brought Ken a birthday card, cake, and dinner coupons!
  • We went to a restaurant to have Ken's birthday dinner and my sister volunteered to stay with Megan so I wouldn't worry (Thanks DD).
  • Megan's fever re-appeared. She was more restless.
  • Ken and I woke early at Megan's bedside.
  • I visited the Indy Emergency Room regarding my coughing issues - again!
  • We ate restaurant leftovers for lunch - YUM!
  • Filled my new prescriptions at Meijer and bought some food for this week - You just can't eat cafeteria or McDonald's all the time.
  • Megan's fever kept showing itself.
  • Ken stayed with Megan and I went to RMH with Monica at dinner time. She still couldn't go to sleep early.
  • Monica and I woke late and rushed to the hospital for school this morning.
  • Megan was sleeping when I got to the hospital. She is also still sleeping as I type this.
  • Monica was quiet today and we watched cartoons and wrote in her journal for her counselor while Megan slept.
  • I stayed in my jammies all day long.
  • Megan's fever is still not gone.
  • Ken is baking DiGiorno pizzas as I type this and I actually feel like eating - How cool is that?
I was going to write cool posts about what its like to live in the hospital and Ronald McDonald House - but the camera may have been left at the Children's Museum friday. Please pray that their lost and found calls us to tell us they found it soon.


Pamm said...

I love recaps. I'm glad to hear rest was achieved for all of you.
I'll pray about your coughing and camera.

signingcharity said...

what a fun way to right your post! Not only do you keep coming up with new topics, but you do a great job of keeping the style different too!

Sorry to hear about the ER visit. I hope the script helps this time...what number script is it for your cough.

Anonymous said...

i sure pray the meds you got will help you feel better so you can get stronger.. glad to see that you and Ken were able to get out for a little bit and enjoy your time together..... praying daily for you and the family

Lori said...

Let's see...that's four bottles of tussinex, three fills of tessalon perles, two antibiotics, two inhalers, two fills of vicodin (for the previously cracked ribs), and more cough drops cold medications than humanly possible.

Ya think I need to see a pulmonologist?

Amy said...

I think it may be time to send Ken out in the hallway to tackle a pulmonologist. You are currently living in a hospital. There should be at least one on staff! :) Praying for you all and looking forward to the pictures. (I have faith the camera will be found!)

Anonymous said...

Praying for your health too!