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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Favorite things

I had a favorite doll when I was a small child. It was the kind (back in 1980 or so) that was just like a real baby. I took that doll everywhere and it was my baby.

Then, I took it to the neighbor's house to play and accidentally forgot it. When we went back for it a while later, their mean doberman had gotten a hold of it. All we got back was a small part of the doll.

I cried and cried. And, cried and cried. My parents never shopped on Sundays. But, that day they went out and found my doll again. I have a picture of me and that doll. It was a Christmas present. I still have that doll in my chest of treasured childhood belongings. (Although neither of them are here at the hospital now.)

Last night we had a similar problem. Monica received a stuffed animal as a gift this week. She has been carrying it around everywhere. She loved it. She left it in a public place, either at the Ronald McDonald House or the hospital. When we found out it was not with Monica, it was no place to be found. We looked everywhere.

Monica cried herself to sleep last night. Tonight, my mom and Ken searched a couple bookstores and the mall for a replacement stuffed animal. They finally found a place that was selling them for half price. And, they had two of the exact same animals. They got 2. An heir and a spare. Was the Lord looking out for Monica or what?


Pamm said...

We have a love-hate relationship with those special "comfort things" the kids have. You love them when they bring calm and peace to the house and you hate them when they're lost and turn bedtime into chaos. So glad you Monica doesn't have to be without her new friend!

Amy said...

My kids have there special "lovies" too. I am glad Monica got hers back and spare for just in case. Alex has 2 very special lovies, one is puppy pills, to remind him of the time we had to stay overnight at the hospital because he got into grandmas pills. The other is Dr Riley an elephant my mom got him to remind him of his trip to Rileys. I am sure this is something Monica will never want to be without. It is a memory device for most kids. Hope all is going well for you Lori.