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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In His hands

I just wanted to let everyone know that Megan is in the hospital again. She was admitted last evening. She started having respiratory symptoms on Saturday afternoon and they have worsened since. We already had an appointment with the orthopedic doctor for this morning and instead of going to our hotel last night we brought her to the emergency room. They admitted her with signs of respiratory distress.

As of right now, she is stable respiratory wise. The orthopedic doctors have said they do not believe Megan's pain is coming from any dislocations or her scoliosis but mentioned that it may involve the nerves in her spine.

Ken and I have decided to investigate this possibility of finding a help for Megan's physical pain. One of three things will happen tomorrow when she has an MRI to determine anything about the pain she is enduring with her back and legs.

They have to place her under general anesthesia to do the MRI as she cannot lay still. They did this back in April on her chest cavity (they were looking specifically at her lungs and she came back improved because of the rest she needed). Tomorrow, we are expecting that she will either 1) Repeat the same experience as in April and we will learn about whether we can fix her pain and develop a plan accordingly. 2) She will not be able to be removed from the ventilator and we will need to make decisions about how and when to get her off of it later. Or, 3) The Lord will take her home and give her a perfect, pain free body.

We have thought long and hard about this decision. We have chosen this path because we do not want Megan to suffer and she has been struggling for the last few months, has not been getting better, and her pain has increased. We have placed Megan in the Lord's Hands. We know that He is able to take care of her and the rest of us no matter what happens tomorrow. He is the Great Healer and the Great Comforter.

He's got our little Megan in His Hands,
He's got our wondrous Megan in His Hands,
He's got our tiny little baby in His Hands,
He's got our family in His Hands.


Arlene said...

Oh My prayers are with you and Megan!

Anonymous said...

Oh we are praying for Megan and the family and believe with all my heart that God will be with you all... Love and prayers

Anonymous said...

We will be thinking of you and praying for wisdom in decision making. Love, Joshua and Andrea Gregory

Favors With Love said...

Lori, I am so sorry for the pain that your family is suffering. I pray for Gods will and hand in your entire situation. God knows, He knows it all and I pray that you find comfort in that! Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. - Cathy