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Friday, July 31, 2009

You never know what you've got 'til...

IT'S ALL CLEAN! These two baskets represent the only 2 loads left to wash in our household.

Who needs to go shopping? FYI to all relatives - my children have enough to wear! They will not be naked this fall if they don't receive a single new clothing item. WOW! Did I just type that? It's finally true! YAY!

In fact, I wonder which (insert your favorite hand-me-down) store all this is going to end up at?

I'd make it a Trifecta Day** but then I'd have to strip all the beds and rewash our pajamas because none of us took a shower or got dressed today. But, hey, everything else is done! Maybe tomorrow - you're only a day two loads away.

**Trifecta Day! It means that when the kids (we all) go to bed tonight they will have (1) clean sheets on the bed and (2) clean jammies on their (3) clean bodies. This is a definition I got from my friend Pamm's blog - who says her sister coined the term. Isn't the concept simply delightful?

Note: My two-week search for the upstairs bedroom remote control has begun a MAJOR PURGING in our household. This is the first of a series of posts regarding our household PURGE. I just hope the remote shows up again SOON because it wasn't where I thought I would find it after I emptied the entire room out. I'm not going to tell you which room it was though. I don't want to embarrass my daughter.

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