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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Megan Update

It appears that Megan just has a case of the stomach flu. She was puking and is now in the #2 stage. I am glad that it appears that it is nothing more. However, she did need to be in the hospital because she has not been able to keep anything in her stomach. She needed the IV fluids to keep hydrated and from getting her electrolytes out of balance.

I just decided to throw a couple of pictures of Megan in this post because she is so beautiful. Her liver tests that were a little elevated have been lowering over the last few days. And, the doctors here called Dr. K in Indianapolis to make sure that they were on the right track with Megan's treatment plan.

If Megan starts tolerating her feedings tonight and tomorrow, we may be home before Friday. If she does not, then we may have to go to Indianapolis to discuss alternate feeding methods until we can feed her through her GJ-tube again. Right now, she looks really good, and I am anticipating coming home to resume our normal schedule - or at least as normal as possible.

1 comment:

Pamm said...

Yes! Good news! And you're right- she is beautiful!