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Friday, July 24, 2009


It's the last day of the work week -OK, I'm on the job 24/7- but I have only one appointment scheduled at 4pm today, I slept in, and I got some new anti-coughing medicine yesterday. I haven't had a coughing fit since I got it. Fingers crossed - my coughing days could actually be limited?

This is what the drug information site says about my condition. "Chronic dry cough can be annoying, and even painful. In some cases continuous non-productive cough has led to bruising of chest muscles and separation of ribs. The slightest activities will trigger coughing spells, including talking, eating, sitting up, exposure to cold air and dust, and laughing."

Yes, all of this is true. I have been taking narcotic pain relievers to help with this for the last month and was almost out. So, I called my doctor Thursday and said, "I am almost out of medicine, I am still coughing, and I can't wait until my appointment on the 31st." They got me in that day.

In addition to another round of steroids, a fourth bottle of the best cough syrup known to medicine, this new "perle" I got "relieves cough by acting directly on the lungs and the breathing by numbing the throat and lungs, making the cough reflex less active. It may also act on the cough center in the brain. It is a non-opioid, non-narcotic which, if taken as directed, should not cause drowsiness."

My doctor gave me a thirty day supply of this medicine. Hopefully, within another 30 days I will no longer be coughing.

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