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Friday, July 10, 2009

Would you believe...

...that Megan is in the hospital again? This has developed so quickly. She was fine until about 8:00pm last night. She started vomiting. That was the only symptom. No fever. She seemed to settle down about midnight and I put her to bed. When I woke to give her 4:00am medicine and catheterize her, she had still been vomiting. Only this time, it didn't look like her normal vomit. I cleaned her up and stayed up with her until this morning.

Megan was already scheduled to see her pediatrician this morning for her previous hospital discharge follow-up visit. So, Ken took her to her appointment. Megan was continuing to vomit for the doctor. The doctor did not like her vomiting, noticed that her weight was lessened again (even though they increased her feeding and she has been tolerating it well for the past two weeks), and decided that Megan needed to be admitted to the hospital.

The doctor ordered blood cultures, urine cultures, a MRSA swab test, complete metabolic panel, liver enzymes, kidney, pancreatic, and spleen functions, an emesis (vomit) test, and x-rays of her abdomen.

All we know right now is that Megan's vomit was positive for blood (We do not know from where at this point. That is why they are looking at all of the tests mentioned). They are giving her medication to try to help stop the vomiting and IV fluids because she is not able to tolerate anything through her g-tube. The good news at this point is that they were able to get a peripheral IV placed and the blood drawn in only one poke (since the PICC line IV was removed on Tuesday of this week). Pray that it stays functional for as long as we need it. We won't put another PICC line in unless the test results warrant the usage of an IV on a long term basis.

Now, we wait and see what we find out and develop a plan depending on the information we get. At best, she may have broken some capillaries in her GI tract from all the vomiting. At worst, they find that something isn't functioning at its best. They may need to do a scope of her GI and intestinal tract. If that is the case we will be going back to Indianapolis. The doctors at this hospital will not perform any surgeries or procedures on Megan. For the time being, we are still in South Bend. I will post more information as I learn of it.


Favors With Love said...

Lori I am so sorry to hear this. My heart breaks for each of you every time I hear of Megan not doing well! I will pray for her and all of your family!

Kristine said...

I am so glad you gave an update! Mom had called and said that Megan was taken to the hospital. I'm praying. :)