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Friday, July 24, 2009

I don't know...

...why my daughter has been so uncomfortable the last two days and needing more doses of her pain medication.

...what her sleep study tomorrow night will be like - if she will sleep at all with all the EEG wires, O2 and CO2 monitors, chest belt (kind of like when you're measuring contractions - only measures strength of inhale/exhale), and toe probes.

...what type of information we will find out Sunday morning about the results or if we will have to wait until her pulmonologist's appointment on August 7th.

...if I will even want to know when they tell us how she is doing.

...if my grandmother will still be here when we return from Indianapolis Sunday evening, or

...if we all just said goodbye to her for the last time.

But, I do know that they are both ready to meet the Lord who loves and made them however soon or far into the future it may be.

1 comment:

Pam Asbury said...

Tough week, I know. Praying everything goes well with the sleep study (we've done a couple of those!), and that God will be with you as you say "good-bye" to your Grandma.