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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let me introduce you...

to my new baby.

(And, no, I'm not talking about my diet coke! Look just to the left of that.)

She's new and sleek and a workhorse of a machine. This machine is capable of everything I need to make my purses. My purses were very taxing on my other machine (almost homicidal), and this baby will take the pressure off of that one so it can do the beauty work it was once made to do.

Like I said, this baby is a workhorse. I can sew for hours at one of three different speeds, wind a bobbin separately while I am still sewing, and adjust for the thicknesses of my project at the slightest twist of a knob.

This machine has a commanding reverse and very powerful cutting mechanism (see the scissor button?). That scissor button is so powerful, it made me sit back in my chair, you know, like when you're scared of pulling the trigger on a loaded air power tool?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Everyone! This machine is the equivalent of the Big Truck every man dreams about. And, it's all mine thanks to all my wonderful Christmas sales!!!


Anonymous said...

Woohoo!!!! Does that mean you are going to start making my favorite pattern of purse again? Then I will not get in trouble with "others" in the family for needing to wash my purse so often. I can't help it if I don't want to give up my wonderful inside pockets. I just might have to get a new one to solve my problem! :0)
Love you! Lisa

Cap Creations said...

That's awesome Lori! You have a great talent hope you enjoy your new baby!

Kristine said...

Oh I love the new baby!!! Can't wait to see all the creative ideas that come to life on this machine!!!

Anonymous said...

I am completely ignorant when it comes to sewing, but I love your last photo angle. You've made a sewing machine look like a monster truck. Now, if you were only down the street so you could give lessons to my crafty little girl....(sigh).

signingcharity said...

Cool. I meant to send you a note to see if it was in yet. I was thinking of the cargo bags just begging to be made!

jeny said...

What a sweet baby! Love love love!