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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Junk Out 2010!

It's been a few weeks since I posted a Saturday decluttering post. I haven't neglected to work on new parts of my home, but I did neglect to report my doings. I took some pictures, but didn't feel like going through them, finding the best ones, editing them, and posting. I was overwhelmed by the thought of it.

This blog carnival was started by Ali of An Ordinary Mom.

I am, by nature, a procrastinator. I seem to ponder the way things should be or about the process of doing something more than I actually jump in and get to work. I have been more excited lately about getting to new projects in my sewing room. My stash has grown considerably and now I am finding myself not being able to choose between so many precious fabrics. My mother said to me the other day, "Just pick something and sew it!" I did and was proud of the result. I don't think I actually chose the wrong fabric to make that outfit with either. (That fear sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? LOL!)

So now, I am just picking some pictures and showing them to you. Picking the less than perfect pictures seem like a better option than picking no pictures at this point.

Here's what I have accomplished in the kitchen.

Clean and non-cluttered counter tops and microwave.

Organized my shelves.

Combed through all the corners in the dining room. It now looks bare. I need to hang some pictures. We have lived here going on four years in March, and I never put any up yet. Looks like I need to before someone else asks me if they can have my pictures - yes, my sister asked me for one of them. It's really been that long since any of our frames have been gazed upon.

Lastly, I have cleaned this table off more times than I care to admit in the process also.


signingcharity said...

Okay...two versions of the comment...my smart aleck hubby, did you put all the stuff in your basement, like we would? :)

My comment, wow Lori. You are doing a great job and you are an inspiration. We need to do the same!

Lori said...

OK - no, nothing went downstairs. Everything was just cleaned and put away in an organized fashion.

Did you notice that I have 2 coffee pots? The nice one that I busted the carafe of on Christmas Eve and the one that works that was cheap because I didn't want to shop on Christmas Eve. When I remember to get the carafe for the nice one, the cheap one is going into storage - for the next time I bust the carafe (you know, because that's my back up caffeine for when I am out of diet coke).

Alison said...

It's looking great! I know what you mean about cleaning off the table... that's a several times a day job around here!!

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me...again. I cleaned out under our kitchen sink and the dreaded plastics cupboard today.It looks really nice and has that good Pine Sol lemony scent now. Clean, clean, clean! Next, the glass serving bowls cupboard and the food dry food cupboard. When will that happen?

Pamm said...

Wow!!! Everything looks great! I think you should host a BIG party and let all your friends come into your house and secretly peek in closets and cupboards. (Are you panicking yet?)