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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is Winter Over Yet?

A kindred spirit friend forwarded this image to me. I don't know the specifics of the origination - although I kind of wish it had originated as my idea. It made me smile even though it is so hard to smile under my circumstances and the fact that winter is, indeed, not over yet.

So, this is when you know that winter is starting to get to people. (Not just me!) I didn't make this - I just identified with it.


Bugg's mama said...

Funny picture! Beautiful blog. And OH! a super special darling Megan. thank you for sharing her with us.

I have a special boy, too.

Love, Bree

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking if I ever am forced to play outside in the snow, this is what I'm going to make.
Waiting for spring to come,
Your Kindred Spirit Friend

Cap Creations said...

lol! I'm sorry Lori. I saw your comment on my post for today I left a reply there for you. I almost posted your snowman photo along with my photos.

Sunny days are coming soon!

Pamm said...

There's that "Lori Humor" again. :)