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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What is so hard about this?

Get up.
Get dressed.
Brush hair.
Brush teeth.
Eat breakfast.
Take vitamins.
Put snowpants, boots, hat, gloves, and coat on.
Get backpack.
Run to the van.
Actually get out of the van and walk inside the school once we get there.
Kiss your mother goodbye.
And, have a good day until she comes to get you.

Why must there be so much in between all these assignments that makes it impossible for us both to do the last two things on this list?


Anonymous said...

When you get this one figured out, bottle it and sell it. You will make millions!

Amy said...

i agree with mom....my house is alex get dressed i swear about a 100 times every morning. i just can not get that kid moving no matter what i try. the kiss you goodbye part i dont get that anymore either.....they grow up too fast

signingcharity said...

you might make billions!!!!