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Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's J-J-J-J-a-n-u-a-r-y!

Yes, it is light and fluffy and pretty - until it has been around a few days too many.

It is also cold, windy, cold, and f-f-f-free-zing!

Here's a close-up of the ruler in black and white for ease of reading.

If it wasn't for my birthday, I would love to remove the month of January from the calendar. I think I could easily do without February too. These two months I could so do without mainly because of this!

I don't want to lose my dog multiple times per day only to find that he is covered in it and about to shake it all over my kitchen floor. Um, could you shake the snow off OUTSIDE, PLEASE?

Thank you so much!

I had to go out and shovel him a path to the fence so he could maneuver through it.

And now I don't have Megan to hide behind as my excuse for staying inside. I am bracing myself now for a long, cold, hard winter. Please, God, could this be the worst of it just for me this year?

But wait, there are lists of closings for this weekend.

I'll amend a previous thought just once. God, you can bring me another "no alarm" day on Monday because it's my birthday and the first day back to school, but then that's it for me!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have that many inches! You're not that far away from us, and we only have an inch, maybe two at the most. Rick just left to take 3 of the kids tobogganing at Pokagon. Winter is not my thing, either, so I opted to stay home and have some quiet time alone, using the excuse that you can only take 4 people per toboggan, anyway. I'm totally with you on getting rid of January and February. Who do we lobby about getting rid of those?

Lori said...

I hope we can figure it out soon! I thought it was supposed to snow today too - but it's just cold and bright white. That doesn't make my "no alarm" Monday very promising. ICK!

Deborah said...

Makes me grateful to be in CA. Stay warm!