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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My condition...

I have "I hate cold and snow-itis." Snow and cold and dreary days just make me crazy. They always have. I feel the cold with every ounce of my being and my feet never seem to get warm. I hate that feeling. We have a lot of snow and it has also been very cold since the first of the year. I am not sure God heard my pleas because we are receiving another dumping of the white stuff today.

Of course, none of the previous snow has melted yet - how could it if it hasn't been over 25 degrees outside this whole time? It's supposed to "snow most of the day today and be very heavy at times throughout the day." Then, another wave is coming tomorrow.

We still haven't had a snow day yet. We have to get up and go out in the f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g C-O-L-D every single day. This has been the longest week ever and it's not even Friday (I don't think - but I'll check the date on this post when it publishes).

I have been sewing because I am still getting orders. Other than that, I don't know what to do with myself. So, I have been lamenting about it being winter.

I hope the cemetery has the roads plowed soon. I want to go check on Meg's decorations. I wonder if they are even visible anymore? The last time we were there her wreath was face forward in the snow. It needed fixing and I was glad that she needed me to do something. She needed me to do so much for her for so long and now just nothing. ever again. It's a concept I can't wrap my mind around yet. Maybe I won't ever be able to understand that concept. I'm not sure I want to.


Favors With Love said...

Hi Lori - Thinking about you and what you must be going through. Hope you feel better soon.

Snow! What's that, lol! Watch movies! Catch up on the frist 2 seasons of Chuck ;).

signingcharity said...

How are the asthma treatments going? I hope that is improving. The very end of your blog post is so poignant. You are very good at throwing in those zingers. So many prayers are said for you...and man I wish you lived closer!!!!!!