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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chicago Adventure

I went to Chicago for last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I went with a girlfriend who has a gift and bridal boutique in Tuscana Park (Simply Yours Boutique) to the Chicago Merchant Mart, for wholesale vendors. My friend was looking for new items to market in her store and I was looking for everything little girl to sell in my online store, trade shows, and flea market.

This trip was especially exciting because I have never gone anywhere by myself (without my family members), ever. I usually have to take my husband and/or children. This time, I left both of those categories of people - at home, except Ken came on Friday evening and brought me home on Saturday.

Anyway, my friend and I shopped all day long on Thursday and Friday for stuff for our stores. Then, Friday night when Ken came, we took a little trip from our marketplace. I LOVE riding the train. You don't have to drive in Chicago and it's also cheaper than paying parking in multiple lots (plus at the market there's $10 parking for buyers).

We took the train here:

I took a picture of their doll display in the entry way.

I thought these red swim suits were fun as well. Red is Monica's favorite color. Since she didn't get to go this trip, I will take her to Chicago for one of these soon.

I got myself an 18 inch doll and a pair of twin dolls for Monica and I to share. They will be my "working girls" on the website. I'll let ya'll know when their first photo shoot is finished.

1 comment:

signingcharity said...

I meant to ask you if you went to the American Girl store when you were there. I hope it was a refreshing time.