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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Plan: Short and Sweet

The Infectious Disease Dr. just left our room with this plan in place:
  1. Treat her UTI, ear infection, and central line bacteria with a 14 day course of Vancomycin. This should cover all the bacteria included with these infections.
  2. Monitor her fevers and discomfort.
  3. Culture blood samples from her central line until they come back showing no bacterial growth.
  4. If #2 & #3 happen before the 14 course of treatment is over and she is tolerating her feeding and home medication schedule, we will be able to go home and administer the rest of the IV antibiotics on our own.

Yes, you heard me right! There was no mention of surgery to remove the IV access and limp along again to get the rest of the antibiotics on board. My daughter's pin cushion status may be spared. Thank you for praying even before I told you what to pray for. Is typing my prayer wish the same as asking God for what I want? No matter - He answered anyway. As soon as I hit the "publish" button, the ID team was gowning up to enter our room with this marvelous plan. {Gown? you ask. Yes, one of the bacteria found in her urine only - not bloodstream was MRSA :( On the bright side, Meg will get a private room every time she goes to the hospital now and in the future :)}

So, if all these conditions are met soon, we will be on our way home again. Pray that this plan will go down without a hitch. I think this hospital is a wonderful place, but it is not my home and I don't want to be here if I don't have to be. Although, it does pay to be nice to the staff here and make friends. Look what the housekeeper brought me today -

It beats this hands down - all day long everyday!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful for you! A bed is "just what the doctor ordered, right?!" I hope you and Meg sleep very well tonight.

Pamm said...

Such a positive post! I'm praying!

Abell said...

I bet you were soooooooooooooo glad to sleep in the cot instead of the fold-out bed.