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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Monica's Special Trip

Monica got her kitty face painting at school earlier in the day because it was field day and they played outside and got to do many different activities. For our special trip, we went to a jewelry store in the mall and we picked out the new special jewelry Monica wanted to wear. We spoke specifically with Whitney, the store clerk, about our new jewelry and how to take care of it once we made our purchase. Then, Monica still decided it would be OK to go through with the purchase.

She sat on Memaw's lap in the big special chair with her Hannah Montana Build-a-Bear.

Grandma was there too and gave her a hug.

Then, she hugged Memaw again.

Then, she hugged her bear really tight.

Then, they group hugged.

Then, Whitney clipped Monica's hair back.

Then, she cleaned Monica's ears.

Then, she marked the dots on Monica's ears. Aunt Lisa and I both made sure they were even.

Then, the jewelry was placed in the "kitty" ear first.

Then, the jewelry was placed in the other ear.

The final result of the second ear.

The final result of the "kitty" ear.

Finally, Monica got to look and see how much more beautiful she had become with her new jewelry.

The pictures are not very clear. However, the jewelry we picked out was a pair of 18 carat gold, pink, 5-petaled, flower earrings. They sparkled in my princess' ears. She was so delighted and even said, "It wasn't that bad."

Not that bad? My little girl, who screams bloody murder at the thought of anything that might hurt (splinter removals, anything requiring a band-aid and ointment, especially shots, you get the idea), GOT HER EARS PIERCED!! so bravely without shedding a tear or even wincing.


Pamm said...

Oh my word! Such brave faces in each picture! Whew and sigh!!!

Kristine said...

So Brave!!!! Great job Monica!!! i think Memaw looks a little nervous though.:)

Jan said...

Monica loved showing off her earrings at school. She told the class that it didn't really hurt. Boy has she grown up this year.