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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day! I am proud to be the mother of two lovely young ladies! I am so thankful for another year with both of our children but am reminded once again of Megan's frailty - and the fact that we are able to add another holiday to our list of times of the year that Megan has been hospitalized. (And just why shouldn't I post that list? Stay tuned for this wild and wacky list!)

As I type this post I am sitting at Megan's hospital bedside again. Megan has been battling recurrent fevers as well as sinus, ear, and urinary tract infections all week. Yesterday evening, her fever spiked really high, was not responsive to Motrin or Tylenol, and she started crying out in pain. At the end of the options available to us at home, we took her to our local emergency room.

The doctors ran tests and admitted her pending the results. Today, we learned that she has developed a bacterial infection in the central line that was placed during her hospitalization in April. This means that she will need to undergo 10-14 days of IV antibiotic therapy to kill this bacterial infection. The blood cultures drawn from her arm (not the central line) have not yet shown any growth, leading us to believe that the infection is contained within the central line. So far, so good. Fingers Crossed!

Please pray that this continues to be the case and that she will be able to complete the antibiotic therapy without any additional complications. It feels like her body has been preyed upon by so many "opportunistic bugs" this spring. Hopefully, this treatment will help rid her of the neverending fevers and help strengthen her immunity in preparation for her release.

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signingcharity said...

Thank you Lori for this blog. We will pray for you as you are at Riley. You are one of the strongest women I know (and that list is like two people long!)