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Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Monica!

Updated 5-28-09

Today is Monica's 8th birthday. I remember when she was born like it was yesterday. She was full of spunk - and still is. She likes to play and have fun. She likes to run, skip, hop, climb, bike ride, and spread her energy to others. I have needed a lot of this energy lately. Every time I get upset with her for exuding her spunky, active, and peppy self, she shows that she has a heart of gold and helps someone else. She has been helping me a lot lately. She gives the best hugs, smiles, and love that warms my heart like nothing else. She also does her best to help get me things when I need them and loves her sister with all her heart. She was so grateful to be with us in Indianapolis for the two weeks we were all there together. And, she helped us keep our minds on so many positive things in our life and not just on the circumstances we were facing. She has been this breath of fresh air in our family for 8 years now.

Anyway, to ease her from the bed this morning (without jumping on her, pulling the covers back, or spritzing her with water), I told her we could go and get some cini-mini's on the way to school if she got ready fast enough. However, she came to the kitchen and said, "No, I want this instead." I said, "OK!"

I even helped her scoop it. Yes, you are seeing what you are thinking. This was the breakfast of my little princess' dreams - strawberry ice cream. After all, today was field day at school (the second time that it has landed on her birthday) and she didn't have to sit still all day.Then, we got her dressed in her new birthday outfit, and headed off to school. She (and the dog) posed for me.

We are now getting dinner ready (Spaghetti) for our family that is coming over. Monica set the table herself - Of course, we got party favors for the event!

Complete with this balloon center piece!

It just wouldn't be an 8-year-old's birthday without "Hannah the Great!" now would it?

We have decided to go to the special place tonight after dinner. I am going to take special event coverage of this trip. Stay tuned for our next very special posting. This special trip was also inspired by "Hannah the Great!"

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