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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You have a new BFF...

I love getting messages. I got a "cool phone" about a year ago and I LOVE! IT! It tells me everything I need to know plus even more stuff that I didn't even know I wanted to know - but now I do!

For example, I learned how to text. **Should I be proud of myself for this accomplishment or not? Let me know in the comments.** This phone made it so much simpler to do. And, it has a keyboard, which means I don't have to know how many times to push each number for my desired letter. (How texting caught on with those dinosaurs, I'll never know!)

Secondly, my "cool phone" has the internet and subsequently an e-mail account linked to it. I needed this phone because I am a business woman. I need to know when someone from my website asks me a question or orders something, right? If I am out buying groceries then I can still reply and it makes it look like I am at work all day long, right? And, if I get an order then I know that I have to schedule a trip to the post office as well. Those actions in and of themselves are great reasons to get a "cool phone."

I also found out that I could forward many alerts to be sent to my phone's e-mail address. Like when someone works on my farm in Farm Town or someone leaves me a tip in Cafe World or when someone comments on one of my blogs (Yes, I have two of them).
**Free gift to the person who finds and tells me where my other blog is.**

And, even more importantly, when I get a new BFF. You see, these people at the Blog Frog (They help people with blogs and common interests link up with each other) came up with this genius idea. Not only can you follow someone's blog, their Twitter, or be their friend or fan on Facebook, you can now also follow other people's profiles on, you guessed, the Blog Frog.

I didn't think much of it at first when I got the notice a few weeks ago. I have been kind of busy with family and trying to make something of my business. But then I started getting these phone notifications that show the subject line of the message being sent. These e-mails from the Blog Frog say, ".....is now your BFF." "....is now your BFF." ".....is now your BFF." Get the idea yet? Yes, I realize that when I read the detailed message that these people are now just my "Blog Frog Friend," but it kind of makes a girl feel good. I think I'll look at one of those messages again - because I just got another alert.

Yea! I have a new BFF!

And now, all you lovely BFF's can see who my other BFF's are on my left sidebar when they read my blog. If I get enough I might start a community. What do ya'll think?

Note: No, I was not paid by anyone to write this meager advertisement. But, if either T-Mobile or the Blog Frog wants to pay me - who am I to turn you away? And, Yes, this really is a giveaway post. Better look through this post again to find out all the questions you have to answer to win. You have until Friday night. Because I am going to post the winner on Saturday morning with my Junk Out! post. It could be you!


signingcharity said...

your other blog is on your www.dollyoutfitters.com. Yes you should be proud of lots of accomplishments. No idea how texting caught on with the dinosaur phones! You do a great job answering notes on your cool phone and it also allowed you to get some great pictures of Meggie, it has more than justified itself over and over. And thanks for being my BFF!!!

(Did I hit all the questions for the giveaway???)

signingcharity said...

and the proud of you thing was a blogfrog conversation where the person made candy corn cone flavors.

Kristine said...

So does this mean I'm busted on my obsessive blog stalking???:) LOL