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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do you vote?

I used to vote religiously every week. I would call the numbers of the contestants I wanted to continue on in the competition. Then I could vote many times and not just for my favorite. Our family would single out the contestant who NEEDED TO GO HOME and voted for the rest.

Then last spring Megan was in the hospital a lot and I didn't even remember it was Tuesday often enough to watch and know which numbers to call because I was busy with her and not focused on the television - I am glad about that now!

During one of the last episodes in May 2009, I found something out. I was talking to my husband on Twitter during the results show and saw that a few of the contestants names were trending topics.

I checked out each name and found out that a couple of the contestants were being picked apart and another couple were being praised. I told the lady in the Ronald McDonald House that was also watching the show, "These two contestants are going home tonight according to Twitter!" We kept watching and watching. And, Twitter was right.

I knew from then on that if I wanted it to be a surprise, I would no longer be able to tweet on Wednesdays. It didn't change my world though.

But now, it is another season and I have yet to call in a vote. Sure, I am interested. I am not sure I like the idea of the "save" though. I wonder who the two contestants going home tonight are. No, I haven't checked Twitter either. I am just waiting because I know the results aren't going to change my world.

My world has already been changed in the last year. I don't want to tweet anymore. And, it really doesn't matter to me who stays and who goes home this time. Of course, I am still going to watch tonight just to see what happens.

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