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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Who wants some jewelry?

Updated Post:
"I would go with the key chain...bradley travis on one, alexander jacob on another, gary lee, and alice ann." Well, Amy, you get your wish.

The widget at random.org has chosen your comment as the jewelry winner. I ordered this item for you. It will be here soon!

Original Post:
My friend at Cap Creations has this wonderful personalized sterling silver jewelry.

These key chains come with up to four charms with the personalization space of 19 characters each.

Teacher Gifts.

Initial Necklaces.

And, her new "Name It" Necklaces.

These are my fave...

...probably because they have great meaning to me and my girl.

(My pics aren't as nice as hers though - sorry).

Anyway, the winner of this giveaway is going to receive either a "Personalized Key Chain" or "Name It Necklace." All you have to do is visit Cap Creations and decide what your favorite item is. Then, come back and tell me which item is your favorite and what message you would use to personalize your jewelry. The last rule is... you cannot order it for someone else. It has to be for YOU!


Anonymous said...

I would get a keychain with the names of my 3 beautiful nieces that and a gem of some kind I could attach to my purse strap. They are the MOST BEAUTIFUL girls in this world I am sure!
Lisa :0)

Monica said...

Wow! What beautiful jewelry! Love it!!! I would get a necklace with L&M stamped on it for me & my sweet hubby. So nice of you to do these give-aways, Lori!!! :) Keeping my fingers crossed!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,

I like the sterling silver initial necklance with the fresh water pearl. I would like an M to stand for "MOM" or a K for Kristiof course. I can't make up my mond, so you could surprise me with it if I was lucky enough to win.

Thanks Lori,


Anonymous said...

This is really fun jewelry. I like the key chain. I'd love to put my girls' names on the circles. Just a reminder of how very blessed I am to have such wonderful daughters!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
I like your prize give-aways. I would get the Key chain with my name, my husband's name, and Olivia's name with the fourth one saying family. I think she has such cute stuff.
Dee Dee G.

Arin said...

Yikes! What neat stuff! I love what Monica said and would love the name necklace stamped with A&D for me and my favorite person. Lori, what a neat idea!


Amy said...

this one is a hard decision....her jewelry is beautiful. I would go with the key chain...bradley travis on one, alexander jacob on another, gary lee, and alice ann on the others, of course the names of my kids, the other 2 are my nephew and niece...this is a great idea lori

amy schlemmer

Anonymous said...

i would get the necklace that says daddys girl....and where it every day in the memory of my dad. we are losing my father to cancer the hospice nurse told us we dont have much time left with him they said at the most a couple of weeks.

Amy said...

I would chose the charm "With God All Things are Possible." There have been many days in the past couple years that, although my brain knows it to be true, my heart doesn't get the message. Maybe if I hung a charm closer to my heart, the message would always get through that God is God and I am not, God is in control, and, by extension, with Him ALL things are possible.

Love you guys!

A (aka Amy)

Amy said...

I just re-read your post. I will be adding the "With God All Things are Possible" to my Christmas list.

However, going with that same idea, I would say the "Name It" necklace would be perfect with the message "Hope". (I feel that encompasses everything from possibilities to promises.)

Love you!

Amy said...

awwweee. thanks lori, i will carry this key chain with all these special names on them and always be thinking of you and your family :)