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Monday, December 21, 2009

The list for a "no alarm" day...

1. Feed my sister's doggies!

2. Ship order!

3. Mail cards - all of them! Today is the last day to get there by Christmas, you know!

4. Clean bathroom - no, I am still not done yet!

5. Get family ready for the day!

6. Stay ahead of my friend in Cafe World throughout the day - I'm currently behind.

7. Go pack boxes for the Feed The Children event tonight - what a privilege!

8. Publish this post after a few things are already done to make it look like I am ahead of schedule!


Anonymous said...

What a list! I have my own list today and I am right on target. See you tonight at Feed the Children!

signingcharity said...

Ha ha! I love the last item! I have supported feed the children over the years. Very cool that you got to help at an event. Would love to learn more about that.