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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


and cleaned and cleaned today! The three of us worked really hard in every room on the main floor of our home. We found some things we thought we had lost and remembered things that we haven't used for a while because the person who used them is no longer with us. We haven't thrown anything out or gotten rid of anything yet.

I didn't have the energy to do everything when we got home from the hospital, so I just threw all the stuff from the hospital in Megan's room and on her bed. Then, my business took ALL of my time from the day I opened the website back up until the Saturday before Christmas. Today, we waded through all the clothes, supplies, and other stuff from the hospital and funeral home.

We went through all of Monica's stuff from the hospital and her art area in the kitchen.

We are so close to having everything put back where it goes, except for the fact that it can never be the way it was.


Anonymous said...

Wanna come do my house next?!?!
:0) Just kidding. I have to do some laundry, sweeping, dusting, and bathrooms tomorrow.
Glad you got so much done today!
Lots of love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a busy day. Your lives will be different but Meggie knows she had the best Mom who loved/loves her more than anyone can imagine. Love, Mom Boes