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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Familymoon - We wondered...

...if Megan's mansion looks anything like this in Heaven.

...if Megan is singing and dancing like this in Heaven.

...if they clear the streets multiple times a day for parades to pass through in Heaven.

...if there was a parade in Heaven when Megan arrived the night of October 1st like this one with the most amazingly different creatures.

...if Megan participates in any beautiful parades in Heaven. (Yes, I know this is Cinderella. I didn't get any good pics of Sleeping Beauty, LOL!)

...if Megan is meeting all of the celebrities and Bible story heroes like this in Heaven.

...if Megan is eating snacks at every corner in Heaven.

...if Megan is making music like this in Heaven.

...if Megan is bathing in the Fountain of Living Water in Heaven like this.

...if Megan is as proud of us as we are of her.

At first, I was very upset that we could be at such a place so soon after saying goodbye to Megan, especially when the first thing we saw was the show at the base of the castle where they sang about dreams coming true. After all, our family was living our greatest earthly nightmare. But then, something clicked for us as we thought about it. After we composed ourselves, we realized that this was the closest place there is here on earth to help ourselves understand how great Heaven really is and the wonderful time Megan must be having there.

Then, we wondered if Megan was laughing at how much better of a time she was having than we were.

We hope she is doing all of this and more, of course!


Amy said...

Lori, I need your email address, I have something I want to email you. It goes pretty well inline with this post. Mine is Bradalex2@hotmail.com. Please email me so I can send something back to you.

Pam Asbury said...

I think she is!

Beautiful post...

Pamm said...

SUCH good perspective, Lori.

signingcharity said...

I am sure the answer to all of that is a resounding yes, yes, yes!!!

Renee' Seely said...

What awesome perspective, Lori. I'm sure Megan is sooo proud of the way you're keeping heaven in mind as you grieve. I love the parade comparison--you just know there was a BIG hoopla to celebrate her arrival, with Jesus swooping her up on his shoulders to walk her down that golden main street as everyone welcomed her!

Rachael said...

Your perspective is amazing! It is so cool that you are celebrating the joy that Megan has in heaven- I am sure that she is very proud of all of you!

Anonymous said...

I loved the way you thought about things! I'm sure she is having the time of her life in Heaven with no more pain and no more fear...but it is still so hard when you miss her from your arms as well! You have so much wisdom Lori and I admire you A LOT!! More than words could ever describe! -Andrea G.