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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Family of Four...still

We made it through the night as a family of four.

Megan and I.

Ken and the girls.

Our family of four.


Amy said...

Thanks for the update. I woke up early this morning praying for you all. I was happy to read on Facebook that you took your medicine in the middle of the night. :) Keep holding on to each other.

Katie Black said...

Elizabeth, the hospice nurse, shared the link with the hospice team. I am the oncall triage (telephone) nurse so I have never met you and Megan, although I have spoken with Dad. Megan is beautiful. It looks like she has a wonderful spirit.

signingcharity said...

Thanks for the update and pictures. Thanks for thinking of all of us during this tough tough time.

I see Ken is sporting the Cubs logo :)

Anonymous said...

our prayers and thoughts are with you at this tough time in your life.... the pictures are amazing.. just rememeber God is with you and will help you all through this much love is sent your way

Anonymous said...

We are still thinking of you and praying for you all--thanks for sharing this personal journey with so many people. Love, Katie H.

Anonymous said...

While your family may soon seem smaller, you will always be a family of four. Megan will always be yours to cherish, if not physically. Her precious smile will forever be in your mind only one moment of thought away. Her sweet giggle will only be the push of a button away on the computer. She may not be physically there, but she will never truly leave you. She will forever be your blessing. I pray for you continually. I love you!

cornerstonecsbiz said...

You will always and forever be a family of four, only the location of each member will change. You are a beautiful, beautiful family, Megan is such a gorgeous little girl--I look at her and see so much of both you and Ken in her pictures. Know that you are being prayed for constantly by so many. I find your family on my lips as I talk to the Lord so many times throughout the day. Hang onto HIM and to each other. You are loved.

Amy said...

thanks for the updates lori, the pics look great, still praying for peace and comfort for all of you