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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm overwhelmed...

...by the thoughts in my head.
...by the fact that I have gone so long without thinking of something to say.
...by the number of times I have to tell myself, "Just pick something and start!"
...by the clothes on the overflowing closets, drawers, and laundry room.
...by the toys and stuff strewn about the house.
...by the number of boxes in the basement that need dealt with.
...by the lists of things to do running in my brain keeps playing over and over, adding new items each time I run through it.
...by the number of choices I have each day.
...by the thought of not getting my "get up and go" moving.
...by the number of holidays there are throughout the year.
...by the sight of so many of Megan's things around.
...by the thought of needing to do something with those things that differ from the reason we got them in the first place.
...by the number of things I am asked to do each day by my family members.
...by the fact that I have let so many things just lie for so long that now I don't remember what I was doing with them.
...by the number of verses there are in the Bible.
...by my girl's homework.
...by my dog's need for love and affection.
...by the fact that this list is no where near exhaustive and has no sense of order.
...by the number of things I must do each day for my business.
...by the amount of time I have to do those tasks in.
...by the number of minutes to the day.
...by the number of days it has been since I last felt like myself.


ali @ an ordinary mom said...

Praying for you, just wanted you to know that. (((hugs)))

Amy said...


My heart has ached for you the last few weeks reading your blog. I have never been through the same circumstances, yet I find myself in the same arena emotionally. Too emotionally overwhelmed to physically begin doing the things that need to be done.

I love you and am praying for you and the rest of family. I will keep doing so until you feel like yourself.

Lots of love and hugs,