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Friday, March 19, 2010

5 Question Friday

Mama M. has this blog hop every Friday and friends from the blogosphere help her come up with questions. I haven't posted before mostly because at least one of the questions makes you admit or 'fess up to any childhood secrets. My parents read my blog religiously. Today's questions seemed harmless along those fronts, and I have been staring at my computer screen for a very long time today. So, here goes...

Questions for Friday 3/19/10
1. Have you ever had a celeb sighting?
Only if you count spotting the local news media around town. We sighted several of them at Ponderosa one night and a very close family member of mine made everyone at the table go by their table just to confirm her suspicion. (I have been to a few concerts but that isn't technically a Plain Jane, out about the town sighting.)

2. What temperature do you keep your house?
We keep our house at 70 degrees. It used to be 72-73, but our need for that temperature lessened this fall. We keep extra layers and blankets handy if we feel a chill. My husband and I agree on the thermostat most of the time.

3. Do you notice dust at other peoples homes?
Not unless it is caked up or someone writes in it. I might think that they need to dust. But am I going to say it to their face? Heck no! I don't like to dust either. We try to keep a "clean for company" policy though. And, no, extended family is not the "company is coming" standards, unless you bring a toddler. Then, I wipe all my tables clean and cross my fingers they don't find something on their own.

4. What's the worst job you ever had?
The worst job I have had was bathroom duty at the toll road plaza I used to work for. It is amazing the messes that are made. EEEEEW!

5. What is your most sentimental possession?
My most sentimental possessions are this picture of my Megan, the ring that I wear in honor of her, the teeth that she lost, a clip of her hair, pictures of her sleeping, and the plaster molds we have of her hand and foot.


Pam said...

I wouldn't know what you might say...or ask... if I wasn't reading?!

signingcharity said...

I did this on my blog too after finding it on yours, but think I did the MckLinky part wrong this time. I have done it fine on MckMama, but today got myself confused :)

I liked your answers :)

Anonymous said...

I so remember those bathrooms on the toll road from when I worked there, too. AMEN!!!!!EEEEWWWWWW!!!!