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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Picture Proof

I never really knew my great-grandparents. We have a picture of my younger sister being held by my great-grandfather (on my mother's side) as an infant. That picture was taken just months before he passed away. Although, I am not sure who has this picture now.

My Grandpa Brown was given a life-extending (30 years - a true miracle) kidney transplant just after my parents were married in 1972. Well, when my two daughters were born, I rushed them to see my Grandparents to get "proof" that they met in real life. We knew my Grandfather was getting frail when Megan was born.

So, as soon as Monica was born we rushed her over too. This was taken when she was only a week or two old.

This one was taken with Grandpa and Monica just a few weeks before he died.

We were fortunate enough to get a picture of my Dad's parents with both of our girls at a family reunion just over a year before my Grandma died. They lived across the country from us. Actually, this is a picture of all of their great-grandkids at the time. Megan (left of Grandpa) and Monica (right of Grandma) were the youngest.

Then, in 2008, when my sister got pregnant after being told it might not be possible for her to get pregnant, we encouraged my Granny to "keep on" so that she could meet little Livie. When Livie was born, we couldn't wait to get a picture of Granny and Livie. Here she is snoozing with Livie - Monica was watching and had to get into the picture too.

Granny loved babies and loved holding them. She loved being a Grandma and a Great-Grandma. She could hold our babies for hours and hours.

This spring we were lucky enough to find and purchase matching dresses for Megan, Monica, and Livie for Easter. As it turned out, Megan spent quite a bit of time in the hospital this spring (3 weeks in April). We didn't know if we would be able to bring Megan home, much less attend Easter Sunday at church. I shared with a friend that we had purchased matching dresses for Easter and were hoping to be able to get a picture of the girls wearing them and I hoped that God would allow us to keep Megan long enough to get that picture that we wanted. When Megan got better enough to come home we decided as a family to save the matching dresses and just take the girls to a portrait studio when Megan was feeling better.

Needless to say, Megan had a difficult time staying out of the hospital this summer too (1 week in May, 3 weeks in June, and 1 week in July). We never got a chance to take the girls to the portrait studio. However, on Tuesday, August 4, we got this picture.

It is of the three girls wearing their Easter dresses for the first time at Granny's funeral. Megan had a very sleepy day and we didn't really see much of her eyes. But we have this "proof" of the fact that she met Livie if we weren't able to get to the portrait studio.

Livie will know that she met Megan and that Meggie loved her too.


shan said...

Beautiful pictures:) Easter was the same for us too... Marie had just gotten out of the hospital for pneumonia and wasn't 100% so she didn't wear her matching dress and go to Easter service with her big sister... I did put her in the dress later that day though and got a picture of them. They were beautiful, I'm glad I did it. They're my most cherished possessions now, those pictures...

Kristine said...

What beautiful pictures and memories.:)

signingcharity said...

I wondered if this blog would be published and what it would end up "looking" like. Thank you for sharing it with us.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Those family photos are priceless. Beautiful!