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Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Shortcomings abound in all of us and this blog carnival celebrates the fact that we as humans, mothers, and some days children are not perfect. If you want proof, click on this Not Me! button and read hundreds of ways other mothers around the country are highlighting their week's events in an "I did not do that!" fashion.

It's been a few weeks since I participated in the Not Me! blog carnival because we have been running all over Indiana for doctors appointments and other family business. Also, because of all the running around, when my daughter's nurse came one day and said, "How are you today?" I did not say, "Well, here today and gone tomorrow. Doesn't my house look like it?"

Another day (before she even stepped into the house) I did not say to her, "All this traveling has gotten the better of my house once again. It looks like I will be working here all day. Pleeeaaase don't report me to the authorities."

So, in an effort to make my packing and unpacking easier and less messy I did not devise a plan to bring home all of our suitcase items already clean, keep them packed, and place them where they can be easily located. I also did not stock the van with all necessary medical supplies possible to prevent the checklist behavior that occurs when you try to pack a child with special needs for an overnight trip (suction machine, nebulizer, vest machine, portable oxygen, 15 medications, catheterization supplies, diapers, wipes, bed pads, etc.) Yes, we really pack all that stuff every time we spend the night anywhere. My new motto has not become "if it won't spoil or overheat it can just stay in the van."

Finally, when my nurse called me this morning at 7 something to say she was sick, I did not think to myself, "Great! Today is our last day to sleep in before school starts tomorrow. I am going to go get Megan's medicine, diaper change, and breathing treatment done so I can go back to bed and sleep in." Nope, not me!

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Foursons said...

Sounds like you invented the perfect system!