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Monday, October 1, 2012

3 years

It's been three years
...since we kissed your cheeks goodbye.
...since we held your little hand and you squeezed our fingers.
...since we sang Happy Birthday to you.
...since we saw you exhale for the last time.
...since we cleaned your body and got you dressed for the last time.
...since we left the hospital without you.
...since we smelled the fragrance in your hair.
...since we cuddled on the couch.
...since we read you any books, played you music, or sang to you.
And we Miss. It. All. Even the parts that weren't fun and were hard work - because we still had YOU.
Your amazing eyes. Your beautiful smile. Your cackley laugh. The softness in your voice. The way you made us feel when we were near you.
I want to see how you are now. The way we didn't get to see you here. I want to hear you talk. See you walk and run and play. Cook with Granny. Prepare for the future together. Do everything we didn't get to do together here.


Lisa Custer said...

Thank you for this, Lori. I did ok until I got to "Cook with Granny." And I lost it. I cried - For Megan. For Granny. For all of us here without them. I love you guys and am grieving beside you. We love her so much. She will always be so precious. A perfect reminder of unconditional love. Forever my Tweetybean!
Aunt Lisa

Amy said...

L, I am still grieving with you.  Megan is precious and missed.  I can't tell you how many times I have looked at Vance and thought about the milestones you didn't get to experience with her and, oh, how that breaks my heart all over again for you and Ken and Monica.  One sight I pray to see in heaven is Megan dancing and singing, and to see your face as you watch her.  I will be praying for you extra amounts this week as you celebrate her homecoming and her birthday the next few days.

Love you!

Carol Fisher said...

Dear Lori, Thanks for the reminder of your lives.  Often we get so busy with daily nose to the grindstone stuff, we don't think about things that have affected others, especially family members.  We love you all and appreciate your efforts to continue to make life meaningful without Megan. 
Aunt Carol & Uncle Bob