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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thanks for the encouragement

God knows I need it. I have felt a little bit of the weight coming off my shoulders since my last post. I've been told that Social Workers are the hardest people to admit that they need help since they are so used to helping others. I should be able to fix myself, right? It's easy to see signs of mental health in others. Not so much yourself, I guess.

I've been reading lately and am trying to come to terms with naming some of the feelings I have. Grief is hard. As soon as you think you've turned a corner, it smacks you in the face.


Cap Creations said...

Thinking of you Lori. What are you reading?

Amy said...

Grief, I don't think, ever really goes away. It just changes from an open wound to a scar, an everlasting reminder that life changed when we weren't ready.

Love you, L!

Helen said...

Amy's right - although grief can get tucked away, it doesn't ever really go away. It never stops being unpredictable, either.

Our third baby, Jeffrey, was diagnosed with a genetic neuromuscular disease at 2 months; he earned his wings at 5-1/2 months. That was in 1997, and the 'moments' are still readily available. However, most days are really good and have been for many years.

I wrote a book about our brief time with Jeffrey (http://thejeffreyjourney.com) and was a contributing author in From a Lullaby to Goodbye (http://lullabytogoodbye.com), a collection of stories from parents who lost their babies and young children for others families in the same situation.

It helps tremendously to know others DO understand!


Charity C said...

I'm glad you are seeing some weight lift. Have you considered getting some counseling? It won't make the hurt go away, but might help?