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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Totino's Prize Pack Winner!

The winner of the Totino's back to school prize pack with bonus Box Tops and free pizza coupons is.......

Jenna Wood!

I will be contacting you shortly for your mailing information so you can get your prize.

Now, look at all these ideas for things to do while snacking on Totino's Pizza...

1) Watch TV.

2) Have Family Talk Time.

3) Color.

4) Sort through school papers and place the ones that go back to school in a special spot to grab quickly when packing the school bag for the next day.

5) Have a sock puppet show.

6) Share with the neighbors - AWESOME!

7) Read a book.

and, lastly,

8) Surf the web and read e-mail and/or blogs!

All of these sound really fun! Thanks for sharing everybody :)

1 comment:

Jenna Wood said...

I was just editing my blog and saw your post. I doubled checked the email, not sure why it came back :(

You can contact me through woodpress08@gmail(dot)com

Hope I'm not too late, and thanks!